Submit and Update a Change (Admin and Staff)

Submit a Change Select Workflow Thumbnail Submit Change - Assign Team Thumbnail Submit Change - General Information Thumbnail
Submitting a Change - Select Workflow Submitting a Change - Assign Team Submitting a Change - General Information
Update Change View Workflow Thumbnail Update Change Approve Change Thumbnail Comment Log Audit Trail Thumbnail
Update Change - View Workflow Update Change - Approval Approval-Rejection Comment Log
Change Hisotry Log Thumbnail Screenshot Search Form Thumbnail Search Results Thumbnail

Change Request History Log

Detailed Search Form Search Results


Configuring Workflow & Interface (Settings)

Screenshot Create Workflow One Screenshot Create Workflow Two Screenshot Create Workflow Three
Add a New Workflow - Step 1 Add a New Workflow - Step 2 Add a New Workflow - Step 3
Thumbnail of Auto Assignment Settings Thumbnail of Auto Assignment Settings Thumbnail of Interface Order Setting
Add a New Workflow - Step 4 Create a Quick Assign Rule Update Field Settings


Additional Features

Admin Dashboard Change Management Thumbnail Change Quick Links Thumbnail Change KnowledgeBase
Dashboard Staff and Administrators Quick Links Knowledge Base
Thumbnail Calendar Thumbnail Change Add a Task Thumbnail Change Related Tasks

Add a Task

Relate Tasks to Change



Thumbnail Change Chart Report Thumbnail Change Summary Report Thumbnail Change Time Spent Report
Changes Charted by Menu Fields Change Summary Report Changes Reported by Time
Thumbnail Change Audit Report Thumbnail Change History Report  
Change Audit Report

Change History Report


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