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SLAM Solutions Inc. Releases Change Management Control Software - Version 2.1.1

SLAM Solutions Inc., makers of web based software tools, announces the release of Change Management Control Version 2.1.1. The software now includes full Help Desk Control integration, a robust web based Settings Tool for creating new workflows and many other new features and enhancements.

Las Vegas, NV, September 27, 2006 -- Stemming from client feedback and extensive research into change management best practices, Version 2.1.1 features an enhanced Settings Tool accessed through a web interface that allows system administrators full ability to modify and add unlimited workflows to the system, an interface customization tool and the addition of auto assignment groups based on workflow. These features are among other enhancements that increase the security and functionality of the system. The software has been in beta testing since early January and today SLAM announces its release to the public.

Adding to the improved suite of settings, Change Management Control is fully integrated with SLAM's Help Desk Control. Now SLAM offers the ability to monitor incident, problem and change tracking from one single application. Moreover, clients have the option of designing their own custom modules and integrating them into the software. This is useful for those organizations that wish to incorporate their own custom applications such as asset tracking, content management and resource management.

The last major enhancement to Change Management Control is the addition of a Task Management module which lets users create tasks that must be completed within a workflow stage before that Change issue can move to the next stage.

“The goal with version 2.1.1 is to enhance the features already developed in Version 1.0 and perfect the Settings Tool “ said Mazhar Pathan, Developer and Engineer with SLAM. “Now the software can truly be melded to a company’s particular workflow or workflows without the need for pages of code to be written. Instead it is all done through the web interface of the Settings Tool.”

Additional enhancements and features include:

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Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, SLAM is a group of software developers, engineers and marketers dedicated to providing solid web based solutions for clients of all sizes. Along with custom development projects, SLAM is the maker of Help Desk Control and Class Registration Control, both fully web based software solutions.

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